Worst Airline Safety Ratings Revealed

“Some airlines are considerable worse than others. Here are the top ten worst airlines in the world in terms of accident ratings, with number one listed as the worst:”

1.Cubana Airline, accident rating 5.74.
2.China Airlines, accident rating 3.57.
3.Avianca Colombian Airline, accident rating 3.15
4.TAM Airline, accident rating 2.76.
5.Korean Air, accident rating 2.26.
6.Egypt Air, accident rating 2.06.
7.Indian Air Lines, accident rating 1.94.
8.Taesa Airlines, accident rating 1.83.
9.China Soutwest Airlines, accident rating 1.74.
10.Aeromexico, accident rating 1.55.

China is doing well with 2 in worse top ten.

safety photos
Safety photos and a few safety jokes – Original jokes are copyright

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