Risk assess this – Haragans Mobile Power Saw

“Invaluable for scrub clearing and timber getting. Can be used as a docking saw, cutting mine props, caps and sleepers, and is indispensable to timber cutters. A feature is patented Gimbal Ring and Saddle which makes possible vertical, horizontal, or diagonal cuts, irrespective of ground conditions. The saw is powered by British BSA 4-cycle, side-valve engine, developing 10 HP at 2,600 RPM. A special type of carburettor is fitted and lubrication is of the dry sump type, 36in. to 42 in. circular saws can be fitted.

A simple device permits the chassis to be raised or lowered so that a clearance of 12 to 24 in. can be obtained under the main axle. A power drive is fitted so that manoeuvring the saw is simplified.”

safety photos
Safety photos and a few safety jokes – Original jokes are copyright

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