Safety Officer Joke

Two safety officers, one old male the other young female, and a donkey were travelling. The female safety office rode the donkey while the old man walked.

In the first town they went to, the people all said; “How hard for that old man who has to walk!”

The two travelling safety officers heard this and decided that the female safety officer should walk and the old man should ride.

In the next town, people whispered, “What a shame, he makes the young lady walk!”

So the pair decided that they should both ride.

In the third town, people all muttered about how cruel it was to make the donkey work so hard.

So they both decided to carry the donkey.

On the way to the next town, they had to go across a bridge. As they walked across it, they slipped and the donkey fell in to the river and drowned.

The moral of the story is – If you try to please everyone, you will eventually end up losing your ass.

safety photos
Safety photos and a few safety jokes – Original jokes are copyright


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