Good old days – 6 –

Fire Certificate
Landladies with lodgers will have to have a fire certificate. Works for this will cost on average UKP900. Similarly, anyone working from home who may have a visitor will have to have the same fire certificate. The CEC deny that home workers have to have fire doors. The extension of the rules to all premises however small where the public could have access is a Home Office interpretation. (Indy 29/7/92). The Place of Work Act was due for implementation in 1993 but was deferred owing to the cost estimated to be GBP1.7bn. Revised regulations have been produced which the British Retail Consortium alone reckons will cost retailers GBP230m. Mike Fisher has threatened to resign from the government’s deregulation task force because he believes the new regulations will cost business hundreds of millions of pounds. He says ministers are too willing to accept new regulations from Brussels (FT 6/12/96).
safety photos
Safety photos and a few safety jokes – Original jokes are copyright


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